“Stop looking for a way out of your situation and look for Jesus to bring you through it.” –S.F


Desperate situation always leads to incomparable decisions; oftentimes it is where we decided to walk away from God and start to find a solution on our own way.


And I find it wrong; it gets worse and worse every day. Persuading what I want “in my own view” is impossible to comprehend on my own, it seems like there is no hope in this situation, and oftentimes I find myself questioning God.


What I realized is that… I backslide from the mountain of faith to the mountain of ruining emotion. For years I been perusing stupid things because I was too blind and eager to get the answer for all the questions I’m asking, and I even get worse.


Failures comes and go, I am frustrated.


But 2 weeks ago I was doing one2one with my friend, a booklet which we discussed in discipleship, I was being reminded in the first letter that has been written in the first page. “S” which represent to the word “STOP”“stop trusting yourself and start trusting God”


At first it just nothing, but as days goes on it keeps reminding me and yesterday’s sermon was also a remider to me that “whatever I’m going through, whatever I’m facing, I should stop doing it on my own and “not stop walking with God”, God knows what He was doing, and even if the situations got worse, He has his own way to get me through it FOR NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH HIM”


I am humbled for I receive forgiveness from God in spite the things I did, blessed for his hands is upon my needs, grateful for accepting my weakness and failures and forever thankful for not just saving me but loving me unconditionally.


God is making new things in my life; I should not question him for what had happen on the past. And I need to be reminded that what happen in the past is his way to lead me to him now and more closer and deeper in the future.


Isaiah 43:19 For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.



My prayer is to choose God everyday and for those who is reading my blogs. #GodBlessYou  #StartWalkingAgain  #DontStickWithYourFailures


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