The Lost Sheep

Luke 15

I was having my quiet time when I ask God what is really His heart for the lost, I wanted to understand it personally, personal revelation rather than what I always been heard from people. And the bible said as we seek God wholeheartedly we will find him.

He simple answer my question and it breaks my heart knowing that I been breaking his heart when I have the ability to put smile on his face by simple sharing the Gospel to the people whom I’m with.

It was said there in verse 31 how the father responds to his older son.

Luke 15:31 “You are always with me and everything I have is yours”

And it made me realized why I need to reach them out… “BECAUSE THEY HAD NOTHING”. They living their lives without purposed, getting what they want and yet never get full.

It makes me humble that I had the privilege to share the kingdom and all the possession with the Lord and yet still can just sit around seeing my friends, schoolmates, neighbors and family suffering.

Now I realize why Jesus said that He will leave the 99 to find the one because that “one” doesn’t have anything, lost and alone.



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