BY: Jayce-O-Yesta

As graphic designers, we should be thankful to internet presence. Every day we have been treated with many outstanding and amazing works over the internet. They can be illustration, branding, advertising, digital imaging,cartoons, etc.. 

What Makes a Great Graphic Designer?

The world is filled with talented and genius people. Sometimes, I ask myself, “What Makes a Great Graphic Designer?”. I was finally trying to unravel some of the points that can make a great graphic designer, and (once again) this is just a personal view. Yeah, this is 5 points a very important role in determining the quality of a graphic designer (my version):

What Makes a Great Graphic Designer?

1. Creativity

Great Graphic Designer

This is the most important! Since graphic design is dynamic, moving and keep up with changes. The taste of every designer is also moving, visual perception and power may change, and graphic designers ready or not required to be able to keep up and follow its movement. And it might not have occurred if the ideas and thoughts are not developed in such a way as to be some thing that really out of the box. The output is widely known as the creativity and the culprit is known as creative beings.

But the problem is that creativity is not a talent, but something that needs to be explored with great effort and relentless. Creativity requires sacrifice and willpower. Creativity is a choice. It will return to their thinking, whether to choose to be or not. If you want it, then give it the extra effort.

2. Theoretical and Application Understanding

Great Graphic Designer

To be a great graphic designer, then someone needs to master basic scientific, history, theories, standards and philosophy. But do not worry, because all the material you learn will not be completed within two or three months (unless you’re a genius like Einstein), but for many years with a ‘learn and practice’ methods. So if you are an author of the book “Proficient into graphic design with Adobe Illustrator in a month”, then you should pull the book off the circulation, because it is a lie!

In addition to the need for a theoretical understanding of the field, a graphic designer must also be able to apply their knowledge into real work. That is, once mastered basic science, the idea is good, and the concept has matured, it is time to visualize it in the form of work. Visualization aspects may vary. Maybe with a sketch or a drawing, or can also use graphics applications such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. It depends on the needs and conditions of work.

3. Communication Skill and Self Management

Great Graphic Designer

Communication (verbal and visual) is a major distinguishing factor between a pro with an amateur designer. Through the work, graphic designers communicate (visually) with the audience. Graphic designers are also required to communicate (verbally) with clients when dealing a project, or when presenting their work.

In addition, a great graphic designer should also be able to manage himself well. Management in this case is about how a graphic designer prepare themselves as professionals who are focused, disciplined, and responsible in every project undertaken.

4. Passion & Improvement

Great Graphic Designer

Well, it is also a vital factor: Passion. Passion makes designers loves their job. Passion is also what makes the designer wants to learn to hone their abilities. Passion makes us continue to wonder until the end (consciously or not) we are led to improvement in order to become a great graphic designer every day.

5. Positive Attitude

Great Graphic Designer

It is up to you to use the God’s law, natural law, or the law of the jungle though, but someone with a good attitude will reap good results anyway. Attitude could mean behavior, perspectives, ideals, and social interaction. To build a positive attitude can begin by doing simple things such as: honest, open, understanding the differences, and so on. And last, attitude save the world!


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