Hi its been a while.. happy that i was able to write nor share small things that i learned while i was watching the movie “Lucy” is a Sci-Fi movie that discussed the capacity of the brain when we access it 100%. Base on the study the average human can only access is the 10/12% of the brain.

This one of the line i like that i can relate in my walk with God, certainly a reminder not just for you but also for me.

 “Ignorance can bring chaos, not knowledge” 

-Lucy, Scarlet Johnson

It came to me this way: “God don’t want us to be “ignorant” of his purposed in our lives, He was us to be “in knowledge” of his unfailing love that will lead to the fullness of life because when we are not aware of it, it will only lead us to chaos.” 


Yahoo that it! Thank You!


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