Mid-Year Prayer and fasting

Few point I acquire during service

Intentions: In prayer and fasting our “intentions” must be clear, the intention to humble ourselves before the Lord and admitting life without him is meaningless. But for some like me (this was before), fasting is part of my obligation as Christian, and some think that this was an advantage for selfish acts because of the benefits of fasting.

During the service, the pastor made us clear that, prayer and fasting with the intention to seek God lead to deeper, passionate and secure relationship with him. Isn’t it exciting?

Prayer and fasting are one of the important tool to seek God and deep our relationship with God, through fasting God also reveal to us deep thoughts and wisdom we need in our daily lives.

Lost in digit: In prayer and fasting, we always make time, we might think we lost time, but what is lost time compare to the presence of God is not a waste of time, Pastor told us, PAF is making time, lessen the activities and seek God and not in your “spare” time. It’s not about the digits, it’s about the time you accomplish to experience God.

Satisfaction: As the body is satisfied with food, so do our soul, pastor told us that when we seek God and his presence we make sure that we are satisfied spiritually, for God’s words are the food of the soul.

Reminder: FASTING without PRAYER is NOTHING

TOTAL TRUST IN GOD: When we PAF we are totally dependent to God, to trust him, temptation is part of our daily lives but as long as we depend on him, he will give us the strength to resist any temptation.

Expectant: Always to look forward in meeting God during PAF, be expectant of his super natural works in the lives of the people around you and yours.

Lastly do not forget to CHOOSE to be HAPPY and ENJOY the prayer and fasting

Happy Prayer and Fasting everyone!


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