What I learned in “The 13 Reasons Why”

Because of my previous comments about “The 13 Reasons Why”. I  was asked what is really my thoughts about Hannah Baker because it seems like I’m totally against her.

I honestly like her. I find her beautiful, attractive, kind, nice and a  woman with full potentials. I don’t hate her as character, in fact I like how she responded when she was bullied. She did not fight back, she was just quiet, she ask a lot of questions and she write down every thoughts she has and that was during the early episodes.


As I go deeper, I had an understanding about the value of communication, appreciation, friendship, peer-pressure and bullying.

Communication in terms of conversation with  your parents, friends and other people around. When we miss the importance of communication with the people we love, we have the tendency to be dependent on our own decision alone without any option or other insight about any situation that we are facing. We are vulnerable to commit more mistakes and to have a self-pity party.

Appreciation in every situation. Appreciate the people around you, what they say  more important than other people’s opinion. Appreciate the people who try to stay with you no matter what is your situation. Failure to appreciate life and its surrounding give us hopelessness. Appreciate only what is necessary, observed and love beyond.

Friendship that nourish, builds up and binded with love. They say in able to have one, you need to be one. In this part what I observe is we always take friends for granted. We think the friendship is just as shallow as your “Hot chocolate friends” who kept absorbing all your negativity. They are more than that, unless you become one you will never understand the importance of having a friend and its value.

Peer-Pressure in every way. In every situation we always feel pressure whenever we think that its beyond our capacity. As a teenager we get excited in extreme activities even trying illegal is part of a tee-norm-pressure. Yet we have to remember that everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial. Nobody has the best respond on how to handle peer-pressure but what we can do is to choose out battles in life. Wise choices will not only lead us to success but also build our character to be an inspiration to other people who are experiencing the same fear or situation.

Bullying in any form is offensive. I came to a realization that whatever my reason or what I been though in life bullying someone always left a tremendous scars in their life. My inner insecurities should not transform into any offensive words that harm other people. I or we may not realized as early as now but whatever we say to them linger’s in their minds. In her case she had a hard time handling her emotion when it comes to bullying, in fact she even commit suicide. I can’t speak from her behalf because I believe nobody in this word could understand what she’d been though.

The only thing that I don’t like about her is.. She validate her value to other people. Your second chances in life should not depend on how people react on your situation. We are always bounded by our choices. In her case she choose to die.

And I believe she’s no different to other people who bullied her because if she does, she won’t create a tape that will have the same domino effect. Again she made her choice.

One last thing, from someone like me who wants to commit suicide before, committing suicide is not about other people, it’s more about you, personally.


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