I w10647137_721543401265013_7148700790023327604_nas born in 1993 of September raised by a single parent named “Rowena” which I am very proud to have. She is a career woman, loving and a good cook.

Adulthood is not easy yet it made everything possible because I have two younger brothers one named Jayrome who is 3 years younger than me, he is the silent type middle child who loves painting, reading and studying. Along with him is our youngest, Alvin our little alvin who grown so tall and strong. He is also like his “kuya” silent type, intelligent and helpful. He loves to play online games and a home buddy.

Since I was a kid, it’s always been my dream to be somebody. I have dreams, i have plans and i really love to travel. I always love to put thing with colors and meaning. I explore and i adore.

I often play the guitar and piano, I learned some basic chords through watching tutorials from Youtube. I am a fan of any good lyric songs yet I love to listen to Jazz and classical songs. And because of that my friends kept say I am an old woman trapped in a young woman’s body. 

I admire people who have deep appreciation for everything. People who are not afraid to lose and to speak what’s on his/her mind. People who empower and inspire other people especially younger generation. 

Life, politics, current events, ideas, issues and most specially facts and trivas is my thing. I loved to discuss and to debate if it’s permitted. Collective knowledge and experiences; I value them. 

I’m just a typical young professional woman who loves to explore and discover new things. Same as appreciating the culture and life. I love the Philippines, I always believed that as a nation we can do more, far beyond what we expect.

I always like to speak what’s on my mind the very reason why i created this account, to brag and to blog. I am an IT by profession and a writer/blogger by heart.

I hope you enjoy!


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