First Pace

I believed for a lazy woman like me, the very first words that comes out of my mouth when I was planning to work out is..


“that’s normal” – I reminded myself, I know in the back of my mind I still want to work this thing out. Self-motivation is a choice that I make everyday. I choose to think that I can do more than what I did yesterday.

On my first day of working out, I have a few things that I prepare.

1. Always make sure that you have enough sleep. It helps you to do more physical activities if you have enough rest.

2. Focus on your goals. It is important to set your own expectation and it is fulfilling when you make it.

3. Wear you work-out outfits. Work out or sweat shirt/shorts will keep us dry and protect us from sunburns, pulmoní etc.

4. Bring your own water especially during summer to keep you hydrated.

5. Good music, ear-buds or headset with arm band are your best friends while running yet please make sure that if your running on the street always run on the side.

6. Never Ever forget to warm up before you exercise.

I run in Tutuban center between 6:00 am to 8:00 am.
For my lunch I cooked Mud chilli crab.
For dinner I just ate rice and hotdog.


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